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Divorce and Moving Out-of-State with your Children

Although it’s said that “marriage is a journey and not a destination,” in a divorce, your geographical location will impact many aspects of the divorce process, including the physical location where your children remain once the divorce is over. One of the more challenging issues in a

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Credit Cards and Divorce

Credit card accounts and debt can become contentious issues during the divorce process. How is credit card debt divided? Who keeps the credit cards after divorce? What happens if my spouse obtained a secret credit card during our marriage? Here are answers to five frequently asked questions regarding credit card

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How to Calculate Income for Child Support Purposes

In Nebraska, child support is determined by the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines are rules that the Nebraska courts use to determine which parent will pay child support and how much child support will be paid each month. The amount of child support ordered depends heavily on

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How to Prepare Your Complaint with Untie Online

How to Prepare Your ‘Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage’

The first legal document filed in a divorce is the “complaint.” The person who files this document is referred to as the “Plaintiff,” while the non-filing spouse is referred to as the “Defendant.” These labels are not significant in terms of legal advantages. The purpose of the complaint

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5 Tips for Successful Parenting Plan Mediation in Nebraska

The Nebraska Parenting Act requires any parent involved in a court case regarding child custody, such as a divorce, legal separation, paternity action, or modification of custody action, to create a parenting plan for the court’s approval. A parenting plan is an agreement or court order that sets

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5 Important Post-Divorce Actions

To ensure a smooth transition into your post-divorce new normal, your Koenig│Dunne team has identified the following important actions for you to take: Informational filing. If support (child support and/or alimony) has been ordered in your case, Nebraska law requires you to provide the clerk of the court

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What Date to Use to Value the Marital Estate

But how do you know which date to use to value the marital estate? What if the parties file for divorce in January, but continue living together and maintain their finances together until their divorce is final in October? What if the parties are still married, but have

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Top 5 Questions Regarding Depositions in Nebraska

What is a deposition? A deposition is the asking and answering of questions under oath, outside of the courtroom, in the presence of a court reporter. You will be “sworn in” and asked a number of questions by the attorney for the opposing party. Your attorney may ask

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