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What Date to Use to Value the Marital Estate

But how do you know which date to use to value the marital estate? What if the parties file for divorce in January, but continue living together and maintain their finances together until their divorce is final in October? What if the parties are still married, but have

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Top 5 Questions Regarding Depositions in Nebraska

What is a deposition? A deposition is the asking and answering of questions under oath, outside of the courtroom, in the presence of a court reporter. You will be “sworn in” and asked a number of questions by the attorney for the opposing party.  Your attorney may ask

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What Happens to the Family Home in a Divorce?

One of the biggest decisions to be made during the divorce process is what will happen to the family home?  This decision is more than just a legal one.  It impacts both emotions and finances. Although there are many factors to consider, generally there two options for the

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Credit Cards and Divorce

Credit card accounts and debt can become contentious issues during the divorce process. How is credit card debt divided? Who keeps the credit cards after divorce? What happens if my spouse obtained a secret credit card during our marriage? Here are answers to five frequently asked questions regarding credit card

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Do you need a lawyer to get a divorce in Nebraska?

No, you are not required to hire a lawyer to complete your divorce in Nebraska.  If you do not hire a lawyer to represent you in your divorce case, you will be known as a “pro se” or “self-represented litigant,” which means you will be representing yourself without

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What To Do if you Aren’t Receiving Child Support

If an order has been entered that awards you child support and the other parent is behind by at least one full month in the child support payments, it is possible to pursue an enforcement action to collect the past-due child support. In Nebraska, most counties have designated

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Translating Legal Jargon

Law has its own language. Here’s some you may encounter during your divorce. Affidavit: A written statement of facts made under oath and signed before a notary public. Affidavits are used primarily for court hearings. Instead of listening to live testimony, judges may rely on the sworn statements

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The Marital Estate – What is Included and How is it Divided?

The marital estate includes all property, assets, debts, and liabilities acquired by the parties during the course of the marriage. The marital estate does not include property acquired through a gift or inheritance.  Similarly, the marital estate does not include property acquired by one spouse before the marriage.  If the premarital property

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