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Untie Online provides customized forms that are responsive to the facts of your case that can be filed with the Court.
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Online Divorce Nebraska: What Do You Get - Affordable

Clio Reisman Award Winner for Innovation!

Untie Online received the Reisman award for innovation. Our online divorce service was internationally recognized for challenging the legal industry norms through technology and the delivery of legal services.

Untie Online Features

Customized & Responsive Forms
All legal documents necessary to finalize your divorce.
Divorce workbook to gather all necessary information to complete the documents.
Resources & Blogs
Access to our complete library of resources and blog articles with all the information you need to complete the process.
Attorney Answers
Unlimited access to ask an attorney your questions and receive a response within 24 hours.
Detailed Instructions
Detailed instructions for completing each and every form you’ll need in the divorce process.
Step-by-Step Guide
Step-by-Step Guide to walk you through the divorce process.
Free Book: Divorce in Nebraska
Free copy of Divorce in Nebraska, a book that details the process, your rights, and what to expect.
Sample Forms
Samples of every form needed to ensure you’re on the right track.

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  • Our Step-by-Step Guide will walk you through the Nebraska divorce process in 7 steps:

    1. Complete all initial documents.
    2. Notify your spouse that the divorce has been filed with the Court.
    3. Take the Parenting Education Course.
    4. Address and resolve any temporary issues while your divorce is pending.
    5. Create a Parenting Plan.
    6. Gather all information regarding income, custody, assets and debts.
    7. Complete your Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.
  • Our Workbook will help you compile all of the information you’ll need for your divorce using the Untie Online platform.  By completing this Workbook, you’ll everything you need to complete your forms in one convenient location.

  • Divorce in Nebraska: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect, was written by Koenig|Dunne attorneys as a resource to help you navigate the divorce process in Nebraska.  This book provides an in-depth overview of the divorce process and answers over 400 of the most common questions about the divorce process, sample forms, and helpful checklists.

    Untie Online members will receive this book valued at $21.95 for free!


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What People Are Saying…

Untie Online is both affordable and efficient. You will not only be saving yourself thousands of dollars in attorney fees, but you’ll be in control of your divorce, which is something many going through a similar process can’t say.

Untie ensures that you have everything you need to get you through such a difficult time in an organized and easy-to-understand fashion – including attorney support to make sure you never feel alone.

Lindsay - Omaha, NE

If you need a divorce, Untie Online makes the legal aspect a lot easier. If you’re unsure where to start, I recommend this online service.


The workbook on the website was really a game changer. Once I got my information into the workbook it provided me all the information to fill out my forms in one place. No more having to keep track of a bunch of different things, I had already put the info in there.

Aaron - Omaha, NE

If your divorce settlement is pretty clear cut, this is a simple and private way to work through what can be a painful process.

Barb - Omaha, NE

It’s astounding this hasn’t existed before. This brings divorce to the 21st century. Untie Online makes a hard thing like divorce a little easier.


I liked how clearly everything was laid out. I don’t usually work with legal documents, and this made it super easy for me to figure things out.


I liked that Untie Online felt very neutral, and respectful of both parties. It was easy to navigate and the language used was clear and easy to understand. I think the way the website is presented and how you interact with the documents, with the support attorneys and other elements, again, feels like a program that was built on kindness and empathy, which I think can often be lost in the world of divorce.